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08-Jan-2018 06:46

All the more powerful because it's based on fact and because the events are seen only through Loung's young eyes, the film has disturbing, sad, and even horrifying moments.Though writer/director Angelina Jolie is judicious in her depiction of the violence, audiences will see beatings; deaths by gunfire, explosions, and fire; armed battles; and, foremost, children in peril and victims of mistreatment.Parents are selfless, devoted, and willing to part with their children to save them. Multiple battle sequences: gunfire, bombs, mines, explosions.Khmer Rouge fighters are portrayed as heartless and evil. Innocents, including children, are beaten with fists, weapons, and in a few instances, killed.The directors stated that many other videos “go a lot further” and are “far more sexually explicit” than ‘Loner’, but that those videos “happen to be heteronormative”.Blanco’s manager David Swartz told news site Mic on 2 December 2016: We now wonder why this is necessary.

“It is exhausting that as a queer artist not only do I experience homophobia in the entertainment industry, but also censorship for the unapologetically queer imagery I promote,” Blanco told the news site.

Countless videos across the You Tube platform featuring overtly and blatantly sexual imagery (and actual nudity) are available with no requirement for age verification, so why is that so for this video by Mykki?