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22-Nov-2017 04:32

SUBSCRIBE to see the latest articles on Windows, PC maintenance, security, and other important computing topics.With a paid subscription, you’ll also receive the twice-weekly Windows Secrets newsletter and be eligible for bonus ebooks and offers.But you can now safely defer feature updates without impacting security updates as well.What to do: Be assured that version 1709 now properly defers feature updates.

You’ve also read an overview of Trello for teams, including how the application can facilitate better communication and collaboration.

And you can run the new mobile version of Microsoft Edge on your smartphone so your favorites and passwords are synced between your Windows PC and your phone.

Let’s check out how to link your smartphone with Windows 10 courtesy of the Fall Creators Update. The recently released Fall Creators Update, aka Windows 10 Version 1709 recently bulked out the Windows Settings app with a new area for managing what Cortana knows about you and your activities.

For the linking to work as I describe here, you’ll need an i Phone or an Android phone and you’ll need to have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installed on your PC. I keep hearing about smart assistants eavesdropping on your conversations and reporting them back to big tech companies. Just how much privacy control do I have when it comes to Cortana? The new Activity History tab under your Microsoft Account gives you full control over all the data that is used with Windows Timeline including voice, search, browse, and location.

Note: If you’re not sure whether you have the latest Windows update, here’s one way to check. The new addition to the Privacy Dashboard gives you granular control over all of this data with options to clear everything or remove all of it or individual items.The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update expands on the voice recognition by allowing you to more easily dictate text in your Office applications and other programs.

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