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They should have shoved them all the way up to the end caps if their pussys could take it all. Never been with a girl or anything but I love watching.Maybe one day I will be front row and center in some girl girl action....playing with my pussy till I cum then have one of the girls eat me till I cum some more.i think lesbian girls knows how to give pleasure to other girl, more than a man..that's the reasson most of women like it i've never been with a chik but i enjoy watching lesbian sex that does not make any change on our relation..I DIDN' T SAY A WORD I JUST LOOKED AT HER AND SHE STARTED.SHE GIVES AMAZING BLOW JOBS DEEP THROAT AND SUCKS HARD AND TAKES HER TIME.I am so fucking wet,wishing that a hot woman were here to lick my juicy pussy.

I find this sad and ugly, and I am not inclined to do the same with respect to him.

And he is laughably trying to create upset between me, Leah and Tony Ortega as if any of us would believe him.

Beyond that I am not going to dignify his craziness with specific responses.

When you lick it, take your time, use abc technique or 1-200. Change positions to further yourself from blowing off too soon.

Oh, and lick that little area between the a-hole and pussy. No woman gets cheated that way and if you're in a relationship and you take my advise?I said above that I had no additional information – but now that he has made claims about me and Leah and Tony personally he has put me in a position where I DO because I know the details of which he speaks.

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