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Universities are good at invention, other people innovate.“We were established to encourage academics to work on problems that industry wanted to solve.

“While they were getting funding for research work, it wasn’t all ‘joined’ together.

To help create the right environment for growth, IBio IC was launched.

A hub for the country’s IB projects, it glues together visionary companies with academic institutions, supports the sector with funding, project management, access to equipment and skilled workers regardless of the size of the business.

“Fish waste is a problem, normally half your salmon is a waste.” A key focus is to help develop the next generation of IB scientists with MSc and Ph D funding, work placements for students – most of which result in employment – and upskilling today’s workforce to take advantage of the emerging sector.

So far almost 100 MSc students have graduated – nearly 30 have just started their course – and IBio IC is currently funding 45 Ph D studentships, all with industry sponsors.So we held a workshop where they met a bunch of people from different sources. “Put a tiny amount into a litre of water and it turns to a gel,” says Kilburn.