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Fingerprints will be re-taken at exit (and sometimes in between times) in order to check that there are no outstanding legal issues.

Foreign citizens who enter Saudi in order to work will need a Iqama.

A husband can sponsor his wife and children if he has a profession that allows him to do so.

It is illegal to work without your sponsor being noted on your Iqama.

If you are in Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis, you need to obtain an exit visa every time you wish to leave the country for any purpose.Visitors who overstay their visit in the Kingdom are subject to a fine of 10,000 Saudi Riyals and incarceration pending deportation proceedings.You should request clarification from Saudi immigration authorities upon arrival as to your permitted length of stay.If you are dual British citizen, but you entered Saudi Arabia on the other passport, the Saudi authorities will not recognise you as a British citizen.

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If things go wrong, the British Embassy will have very limited access and ability to provide assistance.

Some spouses work without transferring their sponsorship to their employer, but this can lead to legal difficulties.