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Many of those problems are going to be solved by Millennials for whom owning a car and having strong feelings about it is a barbaric Boomer relic. For all the irritations that can come with car ownership, the essence of the automobile is the autonomy that it brings.The ability it gives, so long as there’s money for gas, to just get up and go, when you want, where you want, the way you want.But if there’s one thing we should have learned by now it is that systems are not as invulnerable as we’d like — imagine a mass hack.And then there’s the question (give me a second while I adjust the tinfoil) of a universal off switch. V.s noticed that the battery capacity of their electric cars had increased, giving them as much as 40 extra miles of range to outrun the deluge. Most other auto manufacturers “sell vehicles that are incapable of learning and improving and are highly vulnerable to obsolescence,” Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, wrote in July.

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Countless man-hours now wasted sitting in traffic will be liberated."Our results show that mandating only increased physical education or recess time does not result in more overall physical activity as schools and/or districts appear to compensate for any increased physical activity in one area by decreasing other physical activity opportunities," the authors conclude. H., of the University of California, San Francisco writes, "as a result of the current focus on reversing the obesity epidemic, the benefits of increased physical activity are becoming more widely discussed.

Sebastian has a problem with the fact that Jo Jo is constantly working and never gets to spend time with him. “I cannot believe that Sebastian wants me to choose between him and my job,” Jo Jo says on the show.… continue reading »

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The original teen chat room was pretty much where everyone would come to hang out together.… continue reading »

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