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That's one of the things I meant about "being the right call." We're not going to run right out and try to line someone up, but we're talking about it. I don't have to tell you the risks of being outed, though it's not as bad as it used to be." "Isn't it still awfully risky? On the rare times I let a guy fuck me, he's got to wear a condom. I never dash right on over to a hotel with someone I just met.

I decided I had to, but telling him was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!! About having a fling with a woman and regretting it so deeply you never want to see her again? "Actually," I went on, "Jimmy and I are talking about trying a 3-way with another woman, or exploring sex with another couple. I usually don't play in town--I'll drive to Nashville or Atlanta or Louisville to get outside the area where I might run into someone I know. I carry a lab report with me, and insist anyone I meet does the same. Anyone can see the public ones, but people have to give you individual access to their private shots." She gave me the URL. There are a couple of nudies in the private section, again, not showing my face. Some people post their nudies with their faces showing right in the public section--even pics of having sex. My screen name is "Condition Red-69." There's a search box that will let you find me.

It was the spontaneous tryst with her that had sent me tearing up to my mom's place to work out whether I was a lesbian. Turning the memory over in my head, I found I still had some of the residual embarrassment about Annie I'd felt the next morning. I was looking right through Annie's lab coat and slacks, visualizing her slender build and furry red pussy. "I'm not trying to come on to you," Annie continued, "I just thought you looked pretty rattled the next morning, and then you weren't at work for a while. I keep a PO Box in Lenoir City in case I need to give an address." "So I was the exception rather than the rule?

"It's cool if you're busy--just thought I'd check." I did need to talk with Annie. " Annie blew out a long breath and looked at me, wide-eyed. And I have never, ever had someone in my condo from an online contact. I can't say it's never happened, but in 10 years, you're only the third lover that's happened with. I've had some live-ins from time to time." "Wow." I let that sink in for a bit.

Another 5 bucks gets you a few minutes of a lap dance and they rub their tittys around on you some more. "No--that would be the third level, a 'private dance.' That's where they take you back to an area that's semi secluded. I couldn't see into the other ones, and they couldn't see into mine, but the booths are only closed on 3 sides. They kept g-strings on for the table dances but for a private dance they're all nude again." "How far do they go?

" I wanted to complete the mental image I had of a strip club before I went off-topic. After they'd finish a set the girls would put their g-strings back on and walk around the room topless asking guys if they'd like a table dance. " I wanted to know when the nude "all over" him happened.

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"Surprisingly enough I wasn't hard when she led me back there. There were dozens of naked women around, but it just didn't seem erotic. "You think a dancer would work on both of us at the same time? I'm guessing they wouldn't approach us as a couple unless they were OK with bi-stuff." "Something to think about, then! "Might be a good way to see how we get along with the idea of a 3-way? "You sure we'll have enough time to get back through the security checks? But she knelt between my legs and ran her forehead around on my crotch, and her chin and her cheeks too. She only warned me not to touch her pussy--that she'd have the bouncer throw me out if I did. Jay said I was too extravagant on the tips--he didn't give his private dance any tip at all, and it sounded like he got about the same thing I did. Most of them were very, very fit--I guess they get plenty of exercise. The ones that I went back with for a private dance were older--probably mid-30's. There was something almost artificial about the young ones--the ones with a few years on them seemed more real." "So it was pretty hot, huh? It was getting almost casual now, but still had a nice, naughty feel to it. A girl could get used to starting her weekends like this! She even took my hands and put them on her tits and let me grab her ass. The next time I bought 2 songs and tipped an extra . "I don't think we could fuck one in the club, though." We'd said "fuck" to each other more times in the last 24 hours than we had in our whole married life! But then after only the smallest hesitation, he dived in and finished me off with his tongue, licking his load back out of my pussy. "I can guess how you 3 horn dogs talked yourselves into thinking it was a good idea. So we went to 3 bars total, and they all worked about the same way. That one on stage had some stubble, and a few stray hairs up around her asshole." "Damn!

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A few had little patches left, but nothing like a good, natural bush. I was having trouble sleeping; I cleaned the house like 3 times on nervous energy. "I don't think I'll have much work to do consoling you, then? I use a site called Central Swingers Connection that matches people online. I see my gyno 4 times a year and she does blood work for me. I have some clothed shots in the public section where my face is hidden.