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While there, he participated in the juggling club, and acted as a producer for University Radio Bath.

Green Reaper spent almost a decade in the Creatures fan community.

A meetup involving furries, called a “furmeet” within the community, took place in Boulder on April 1.

The 10th-annual Rocky Mountain Fur Con, a gathering of furries in Denver, had been set to be held from Aug. Organizers said last year’s convention brought in 1,670 attendees and 65 vendors, and that 35 artists pitched the sale of 350 pieces of art at the convention.

Green Reaper's fursona is a happy-go-lucky explorer who likes cheese and carrots.

As of October 2013, he is taking a career break to further develop the websites he maintains, and Metapix, an online gallery management program targeted towards the needs of furry fans. and might not use the preferred pronouns of some transgender individuals.

One of the leaders of the Furry Raiders, a Fort Colins man who goes by “Foxler Nightfire” (an apparent combination of Fox and Hitler, according to many in the furry community), usually wears black shirts and a red arm band similar to those worn by Nazis, but with a paw print instead of a swastika.

Foxler was photographed making a Nazi salute at one point (screenshot from Twitter below), then used the hashtag #altfurry in another tweet, which he pinned to the top of his profile.

His final university project revolved around the game's music, beta tester, support volunteer, and utility coder.

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In breaks from programming and testing, he founded the Galactic Civilizations Wiki.

A group of anti-fascist furries started to combat the Furry Raiders and other furry groups accused of being involved with pseudo-fascist and purported neo-Nazi groups.