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Sony Playstation 3 Eye (older model)- Easy to remove filter. Labtec Webcam 2200 Labtec Webcam Pro - Strong filter, lens coating, difficult to remove.

Sony Playstation 2 Eye Toy Camera - Easy filter removal. Logitech Quick Cam for Notebooks Logitech Quick Cam S5500 Webcam Logitech Quick Cam E3500 Plus Logitech Quick Cam E2500 Logitech Quick Cam E1000 - Filter glued but can be removed. Logitech Quick Cam Express - Easy to remove filter. Logitech Quick Cam Messenger - Easy filter removal. Labtec Webcam Plus - Strong filter, hard to remove. Genius SLIM 321C Saitek W300 Saitek W300xv Apple i Sight Mac Book Pro MSI Star Cam 370i Philips SPC 1005NC - Easy to remove filter.

Reflective material isn't as bright as using LEDs so the camera's infrared blocking filter may need to be removed.

Some webcams advertised with 'night vision' just use bright white visible LEDs that are blinding, so be sure the LEDs are actually infrared.

Sony TRV16E DV Cam - Nightshot mode removes filter. Logitech Quick Cam Pro 5000 Logitech Quick Cam Pro 4000 Logitech Quick Cam Pro 3000 Logitech Quick Cam Orbit / Sphere MP (PID 08C2) Microsoft Xbox Live Vision - Easy to remove filter. Microsoft Life Cam VX-3000 - Easy to remove filter. Asus 20" Flatscreen Monitor PW201 webcam i-Tec i Cam - Removable filter Airlink101 AWCN200 CANYON CNR-WCAM43G - Removable filter.

With live customer support chat send targeted messages at conversion points which helps you not to miss out on any prospects.

As a manager get a bird's eye view of your teams performance.

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Webcams are the most applicable camera to use with Free Track as they are common and inexpensive with good PC connectivity and most known brands are suitable for optical tracking.

Other types of cameras may need a capture card for connection to PC.