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I travel a lot so it makes sense to maintain myself, but there is a difference between maintaining a healthy situation and being vain.

I don’t spend much time in the bathroom at all.’awards in Berlin.

He has a home base so he could take his family with him.

I spend ten months not at home, so if I had a girlfriend or a wife, yes she could travel with me, but can you imagine having kids unable to go to normal school?

’ Why then hasn’t the notoriously snooty classical world turned its back on him? He has very black brows and stubble, and impossibly long and curly black lashes.

‘Right now it’s just got a lot of sun so it’s not really that bleached, but I go back and forth depending on the season.

David was born in Aachen, Germany, close to the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, and started playing the violin aged four. Aged 17, at the height of his career, he left for New York, on the pretext of going to visit his brother, by then at Harvard. He was wrong at that point.’His father disowned him, which is why David had to pay his way by modelling for the likes of Armani and appearing in Vogue.

And it’s of course having the memory, not having the nerves on stage.’ Is he a diva?‘That’s not something I usually like to hear,’ says David, blue eyes twinkling, placing a little cloth over its bottom, and nestling it under his chin. It was finally mine, and I broke it.’ (Repairs took seven months and cost £60,000.)His room – bar the empty cigarette packets (in his dressing room the night before, he had smoked out of the window, waving at fans down below) – is very tidy: he’s a typical Virgo. ‘I have flats in New York and Berlin, I sometimes miss being at home because I know where things are there. I’ve never bought a car in my life; I’d rather collect property.’While David was resplendent in a black suit last night, today he’s in his trademark look: distressed jeans, Union Jack T-shirt, asymmetric Y Project jacket, chunky skull necklaces and rings, hair in a ponytail, strong arms covered in a tattoo that says ‘Rock and roll’. ‘If anybody bought me clothes it was in relationships in New York when I was in college.You know how women are when they date – “Try this on, try that on.” I wear something I feel comfortable in.With his good looks and designer wardrobe, he’s the pin-up of the classical music world.

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Tantalisingly single, he’s mobbed by screaming fans wherever he plays.Another fan tells me she has been to every concert David has given in the past three years. Says Stefania, ‘He always recognises the work of the orchestra and the other people playing beside him.