Dating tips for theater

02-Aug-2017 19:38

With two kids and our busy schedules, I have found that it’s easier to have a movie date night on our comfy couch. However, you just can’t plop down on your couch for this special night. I, on the hand, am pickier when it comes to spending 90 minutes monotasking. As much as I would love a cocktail on weeknights after my kids are in bed, I’m usually working. I just bought my new desktop at Best Buy and appreciate the associates’ no pressure sales approach.You’ll need to prepare not just your electronic devices, but your entire home theater environment for a perfect movie date at home. We compromise by taking turns picking out the movie. On date night, my husband pulls out his cocktail shaker for my favorite: margaritas. While we were picking out a movie for our date night, I took the opportunity to check out Best Buy’s ultimate showroom for your home theater.I’ve actually taken advantage of their guarantee for a tablet I purchased and it was super easy to do.For great bargains on popular electronics, subscribe to the Best Buy Deal of the Day email.Before you get too excited, there are some important tactics to review.The local multiplex no longer represents the most cost-effective route to first-base in town, so don’t be the fool who misses his cues and ends up watching a movie on accident.In hindsight, Mom and Dad must have known exactly what Erica and I were up to when we saw three separate times in seventh grade.

Our first movie date night at home was this past weekend. While a giant television is not currently in our budget, I plan on adding some home theater accessories making some upgrade after visiting the showroom.No, I don’t mean boner-veiling, but rather everyone’s favorite form of PDA: getting intimate at the cinema.It’s dark, relatively quiet and you’re sure to attract the lascivious stares of about four or five nondescript middle-aged men in trenchcoats — how could she say no to romance like that?!Commit the following guidelines to memory and you’ll be attracting the awkward reproaches of an acned usher in no time.

Do: See a movie that you’ve either A) both seen before or B) don’t have a genuine interest in watching.

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