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After two world wars, the Great Depression and division among B. C.’s population, the highest per capita rate in Canada, enlists.

C.’s working ranks, the BC Fed was recreated in 1956. residents who are migrants from other provinces reaches a proportion representing nearly half the province’s population, rising to 49.6% from 7.9% in 1881. 33 1913: The Pacific Highway Border Crossing in Surrey opens and soon becomes one of the busiest border crossings along the U. 34 1914: The Panama Canal opens, allowing Vancouver’s port to compete with the major international ports for global trade by positioning it as an alternative route to Europe. It has major repercussions for the provincial economy, including ending labour disputes.

18 1903: The University of Victoria is founded, laying the foundations of B. 19 1903: Woodward’s is built, establishing a major downtown retail centre.

It is home to the Vancouver Millionaires until the team disbands in 1926. 30 1912: The Vancouver Island coal strike begins on September 12. It ends with the start of the First World War and a withdrawal of strike pay end the strike. transportation link connecting the urban southwest of the province with interior and northern communities and resource extraction areas like Tumbler Ridge. 37 1914: The Port of Prince Rupert opens as an alternative to the Port of Vancouver. 38 1915: The University of British Columbia is established as an independent university, which allows it to become a leading centre for academic research in Canada.

31 1912: Pacific Great Eastern Railway is incorporated; the company’s name is changed to BC Rail in 1972 and it becomes profitable for the first time in the 1980s. 39 1917: Caucasian women are granted the right to vote.

Gastown, named after the builder of the area’s first saloon, is formed around the location. The proportion rose to 22.2% in 1931 and as of 2011 was 20.6%. 10 1887: The Vancouver Board of Trade is established to rebuild the city after the Great Vancouver Fire.

2 1868: Vancouver Island Coal Mining Co.’s annual production rises to 44,000 tons as Vancouver Island’s coal mining industry, now almost two decades old, becomes increasingly competitive. 5 1874: The federal government builds the Point Atkinson lighthouse in West Vancouver as a gift to British Columbia for joining the federation. It represented the trade and business interests of merchants and manufacturers.

The extension of voting rights for women in Chinese, aboriginal, Japanese and other Asian minority communities follows in the next three decades. Banning the sale of alcohol creates a thriving black market economy. C.’s timber production surpasses that of every other province.