Dating age disparity girl older

09-Jun-2017 16:22

Some people claim that age differences do not matter in relationships. When does age difference matter in lesbian relationships and what can you do to ensure your relationship will survive?

First you need to be open to the fact that even though you love each other and have so much in common, one thing that is different about you is the amount of time you have lived.

A 38 year-old woman who wants to have kids doesn’t have that same luxury of time.

If she gets with a guy her age, they’re on a time crunch.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it can cause conflict.

Everyone is different, but people tend to go through different stages at certain ages of their lives.

One can't go to over 21 clubs, may be just starting out on her own or in school.

Like any kind of difference in relationship, whether it be economic, race, class or culture, it is important to look at where these differences enhance the relationship and where they may lead to potential conflict.

Make sure you’re on the same page about life goals. Money and sex are issues that couples often fight about. An older woman may make more than her younger partner, of if she is retired, she may be on a fixed income and make less.

If you are someone who knows she is attracted to older or younger women, but doesn't have the opportunity to meet them in your daily life, then consider taking out or answering a personal ad.

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