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In 1878 he published The Aryans: A contribution to historical anthropology.

(As others have speculated, the reason the issue came to a head at all was because Sally brought Peter up *a lot.* Many of my coworkers, I barely know what their spouses are named…The second Out Of Africa (OOA) migration event (The first being Humans to Australia), saw Blacks from Africa with straight hair and "Mongol features" take an "Inland route" through southern Asia and on up to China, where they settled.Included with this group, were straight haired Blacks "without" Mongol features - now called "Dravidians" who stayed close to Africa, and settled in India and other areas of southern Asia.First I wanted to thank both you and the commenters for your feedback–it really made me (and my coworker, Sally’s direct manager), feel somewhat less bonkers.

(To be clear, the coworker/Sally’s boss knew that I was going to send the letter, as we’d been discussing the issue between ourselves; in fact, I suggested she write to you, but she was feeling a little shy about writing to an advice blogger she didn’t know, so I did it.But today that openness has evaporated; it seems that when Albinos tell Albinos that they are Albinos, it is acceptable.