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25-Sep-2017 04:07

I've decided that I'm at least going to get something out of this site, even if it is just the satisfaction of exposing these pricks.

It was a commercial for hamburgers when he was only 12 years old.

I thought one of them was cute and we struck up a conversation. He goes on to mention that his ex-wife is a stripper who took a bunch of his stuff, kicked a few doors down, and put holes in the walls of the apartment with a pistol as her grand exit.

Eventually, we had to part ways and but we exchanged numbers. Also, she lied to him about her age and is actually a year younger than she claimed to be. "Good thing we didn't get married in California because since she was 18, she would be entitled to half," he mentions enthusiastically.

---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- jimmy Date: Apr 27, 2006 AM Subject: RE: hi sexy Body: Thanks for giving me the opportunity for a rant.

First, where do you get off initiating a conversation with a complete stranger like this?

They assume his bad temper has manifested,and later escalated, only as a result of his frustrations with many incompetent filmmakers.