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25-Aug-2017 02:00

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Many Asian men veer back and forth between relational extremes, Lee said.On one hand, many shyly fear they’re seen as “geeks.” On the other, they jump in to the dating scene with “false bravado” and unrealistic fantasies.(You know, guys like Chinabounder, or these other high-profile cases of foreign men doing some really despicable things to Chinese women in public.) What do you think?I’ve mentioned before that several years ago, I completely stopped dating Russian women.

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The following day, I discovered this Tweet (via an updated version of the story at Beijing Cream): Note that “老外” is the Chinese term for foreigners (in this case, foreign men) — confirming this as a hate crime.Did you happen to notice the white foreign man hovering over her?Here’s another photo from the scene – you can’t miss his blood-soaked T-shirt.This past Thursday, when I awoke to news of the disastrous Tianjin factory explosion, I didn’t think things could get any worse.

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Then I saw this photo in a We Chat group I belong to, where one of the women recounted her horrifying discovery of a bloodied Chinese woman, stabbed to death by a katana sword, while passing through Beijing’s popular Sanlitun neighborhood.Tip two: Understand and convey what’s special about you.

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