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Lots of the back-up vocals (especially in "Plum Dumb" and "Laundromat Song") are good fun, and there are tons of good verses spread around the record, my faves being "Take off your clothes / Don't be lonely / The sign above says 'For Negroes Only'," "My best friend is a junkie / Sad but true / My best friend is a junkie / What's your best friend do? ou can tell right from the beginning of track one that they've been practicing. Thankfully, it doesn't have any of the dumbass bad jokes or weak melodies that marred the last one a bit - just loads of catchy hooks with the occasional wacky comment. Being a departure, it might be the most interesting song on the record. Like Johnny Carson in his heyday, I'm told by old people!," and, of course, the rousing chorus, "I got nowhere to go / 'Cept to hang out on the street / My folks say I got no ambition.... The closest to a hit was the bitter, on-the-windbag condemnation of black-clad arty youth, "Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)," featuring such sarcastic lines as "Don't try to tell me that you're an intellectual / You're just another boring bisexual! The rest is standard Milkmen fare, though perhaps an itsy bitsy spider more obsessed with the idea of culturelessness as bliss." Elsewhere, you got "Going To Graceland," which doesn't seem nearly as witty the second time you hear it (except for the line "Gonna see the bucket that Elvis Presley kicked," which never fails to crack up my ass), a funny Stones imitation called "Jellyfish Heaven," and a tender love ballad dedicated to "Nitro Burning Funny Cars," of all silly things. You don't have to wade through piles of medical waste to get to the good stuff. [email protected] album sounds like it was a lot of fun to make.As a whole, they try less for humor and more for simple light-hearted post-college cartoon rock, which they're much more adept at. With the possible exception of aforementioned walrus ditty, it's all good stuff. It's a blast to listen to and contains some lesser known Milkmen classics like, "The Pit, Take Me to the Specialist, and The Badger Song." On their later efforts, the "fun" sounds forced. [email protected](Pete Chiodop) Hey, I was just browsing in the Dead Milkmen section and I decided to add some insight. Bucky Fellini is a clever play on Buckminster Fuller and that guy that they made a REALLY, REALLY pile of crappadoodledo horrible musical after. ore of a single than an EP, but you vinyl freakers get two great instrumentals previously available only on CD, you dance freakers get two dull "remixes" of the hilarious title track, and all you special people out there in the world get to hear, for the first time ever, the beautiful, obnoxious "Ask Me To Dance," about a lonely little girl with one leg. Shouldn't that be reason enough for you to take the big dipper? Extremely infectious and honestly pretty darn funny, too. Which reminds me of a fantastic way to make people happy. It's not my fault all girls are fags and my dick's so big it throws 'em across the room. This was apparently a CD issued to the band's fan club in 1993 to celebrate their decade-old anniversary.

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Try as I might, I simply can't read that as an attempt to mock young punk rockers' lack of a proper grounding in rock-n-roll history (a commentary that would be significantly strengthened by the ironic fact that the "square" Beach Boys were in fact a major influence on the Ramones, without whom there would of course not be punk as we know it). (a week later) Okay, okay, so Prindle schooled me on my Beach Boys history, and it turns out they actually COVERED "California Dreamin'" (and made a video for it) in 1986, not too long before "Punk Rock Girl" was recorded. There's only one problem -- the bass is poorly-recorded throughout.

/ At least I give a shit / about the stuff I eat / Yeah, I care about nutrition!!!! The best example of this (aside from Rodney's cries of "NO ART! " following a goofy little pretentious poem in the middle of "Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern") is "City Of Mud," in which Mr.

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