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29-Jul-2017 03:35

OK, what I don't get is, when does affectionate cross the line into clingy territory? There is no objectively quantifiable difference between the two, really (though there may be some qualitative differences). Clingy to me just means very dependent, gotta be around your partner all the time.

Is affectionate possibly just a more polite, and therefor, less derogatory term for clingy? It depends entirely on how much affection the recipient desires. Obviously everyone has their own idea of how much affection is just right for them. I haven't had experience with women like this but I have seen it in play. I am very independent, I like my space and my time to myself, but when I am with my partner, I am very affectionate.

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Mislabeling and miscommunication is THE #1 THEME of all relationship sites, but each person's errors have to be addressed on an individual basis. Someone is clingy depending on the affection level the recipient deems desirable.Exceeding that amount by a substantial quantity will not be appreciated. You can't really control the perceptions of others so really all you can be is yourself and find the person that deems you affectionate as opposed to clingy. But as I see it , affection in whatever form , is a very welcome thing , and feels GOOD. I think "clingy" is a physical and mental thing, like when they are with you they are hanging on to you constantly don't want you to leave there side for two seconds and another is constant calling, texting, emailing or what have you. Often those who are clingy are in effect attempting to control via always needing to know where you are, and what you do must always be in your space (both metal and physical), and yes that can be as extreme as not even giving you the space to use the bathroom peacefully…They often want to rush into a committed relationship…Those I have experienced as clingy often go out of their way to make you feel guilty for not understanding them and not returning their ‘affection’ or not trying hard enough.... While when someone is clingy, it can feel like too much , or badly timed , or just plain not comfortable - embarrassing even ! For example me and my brother went to Orlando to a theme park and his old lady texted him 150 times literally in a 2 hour span berating him for not bringing her along. Entirely different from healthfully and affectionately loving someone. they want to tell you every thought./feeling they ever have....therefore they don't respect others boundaries..... Free to join, it's the perfect place to find like-minded potential partners for rural romance, relationships and friendship; in a safe and secure environment.

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